Friday, February 8, 2013

Worldwide Trekking Bike

We are making a reportage about trekkingcycling in the world, people that who are pedaling across the cultures,paths,ways, and others kinds of living in order to sum up all the experiences.
Do you want to participate on it ?
WTB is a netcycling site, where you can find people like you that they are travelling now arround the world or who are prepairing a new project in their headquarter.  
This is a Byke trekking Club where you can be a member if you are traveling at the world by bicycle and you have adventure spirit and social motivation to share your projects and experiences.
You can see a global view of cyclists and their current position on time "On Tour", and those headquartered cyclists who are preparing their new projects in their countries "Headquarter"
If you want to be a membership sign up

Once you have registered , we will register your position and your data within 24 hours so that you can contact as your adventurous cyclists wherever you or to get in touch with you.
If you are "on tour", You can send us a twitt  with geolocastation to @wtrekkingbike 
or to complete formulary ON TOUR .your position changes as you update the country or city´s names .


On Tour: Trekking cyclists running now. On time position.

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Headquarter: Trekking cyclists stop now. Headquarters.

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